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Boral Cement Oxides Oxides Product Range

Boral Cement produce a large range of packaged oxide products for rendering, concrete, bricklaying and DIY applications. Available NSW only.

Oxide Colour Chart Oxide Colour Chart

Iron oxides colour pigments to colour concrete, mortar and cement rendering/bagging.

Coloured Oxides Coloured Oxides Brochure

Tips on oxide colours, pigment concentration, tinting strength of colour, how to achieve correct final colour shade.

How to Render a Wall

A popular DIY home renovation project in Australia. Find out how to instantly rejuvenate old brickwork and create a new stylish Mediterranean finish to your wall.

About Boral Oxides

Iron oxide pigments have proven effective and have become widely accepted as a superior colorant in building materials. They are extremely weather resistant and become very firmly integrated in the cement matrix. Additionally, they are alkaline resistant, economical, ecologically benign and available in many different colours.