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Environmental Dust Monitoring Waters and Wastewater Chemical Testing Heavy metal analysis

With the increasing community and regulatory expectations relating to environmental and sustainability performance, Boral Materials Technical Services Facility is pro-actively improving and increasing the services it offers.

Environmental Dust Monitoring
Environmental dust monitoring services including gravimetric and direction monitoring is provided as per Australian Standard and State Environmental Protection Authority Guidelines.

Waters and Wastewater Chemical Testing
The Boral Materials Technical Services Facility is capable of undertaking the sampling and analysis of various types of waters including surface, ground and trade waste discharges. We can also prepare water sampling plans to suite specific sites.

Heavy Metal Analysis
Recent additions to our Chemistry Section, including Microwave Digestion and an ICP have improved the quality and efficiency of analysing heavy metals in soils and waters. This is being demanded more by regulators especially in regards to recycled construction and demolition products.

Environmental Compliance
The Boral Materials Technical Services Facility is involved in the monitoring of a large number of Boral production sites including quarries, asphalt plants, concrete plants, recycling depots and transport depots. Assistance is provided by way of environmental compliance audits, collation of data for sustainability reporting such as the National Pollutant Inventory and implementing Environmental Management Systems into sites.