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Materials Technical Services - Research Equipment
Product Development Consultancy
Product Development Consultancy Product Development Consultancy
A diverse range of research & product development projects are in place, targeting mainly:
  • Development of aggregate and quarry products, related technologies and assessment methods
  • Development of concrete and cement-based products, related technologies and assessment methods.
The material development projects are well aligned to the immediate business interests and the long-term strategic goal of exploring and developing leading technology and non-conventional products. By encouraging and exploring innovative concepts, Boral strengthens its position as a market leader in building materials.

New directions for improvement and development are continuously identified and taken on board. The R&D activities are aligned to the company's needs for:
  • New or improved products
  • Diversified product range
  • Cost-effective materials or new cost saving design solutions
  • Optimal use of improved and alternative raw materials
  • New enabling methods for better material characterisation and material design.
The department is also involved in technical and scientific consultancy, including durability assessment, advanced materials characterisation and material diagnosis, diagnostic assessment of field performance and durability aspects, e.g. half cell potential measurement and concrete maturity, material condition survey and failure investigations, design of complex or customised testing procedures, technical troubleshooting, etc.

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