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Chemical Analysis
Chemical Analysis Chemical Testing Chemical Testing Chemical Testing

Boral recognises that research and development plays a vital part in our customers businesses and to ensure that Boral remains at the forefront we constantly, develop and refine our products to maintain the high standards for our internal and external customers.

The Chemical Testing System is NATA accredited, No.9968 and The Chemistry Laboratory regularly takes part in National and International Proficiency Programs to validate their test procedures, demonstrate Quality Assurance and compliance with NATA's strict accreditation requirements.
Importantly, there were no outliers for Boral's Materials Technical Services laboratory – providing that its standards are extremely high and fully aligned with the highest European and International Standards.

The Chemistry Section of Boral Materials Technical Services covers chemical testing and analysis for various divisions and for external customers. These include: chemical analysis and full chemical testing for Aggregates, Rocks, Soils, Cement and Supplementary Cementitious materials (fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag, silica fume), waters and wastewaters, dust monitoring, heavy metals, etc.

Chemical Testing
  • Chemical – Full Chemical Analysis
  • Sugar check and Light particles
  • Lithium Meta Borate Fusion
  • Chemical – Elemental/Oxide Analysis
  • Chemical – SO3 -AS2350.2
  • Chemical – Loss of ignition - AS2350.2
  • Chemical – Insoluble Residue - AS2350
  • Chemical – Chloride Ion Content - AS3583.13
  • Chemical – Sulphuric Anhydride SO3 - AS3583.8
  • Chemical – Available Alkalies (AS3583.12)
  • Chemical – Magnesia Content - AS3583.9
  • Chemical – Sulphur in Metallurgical Slags - AS1141.36
  • Chemical – Sulphur in Cementitious - AS3583.7
  • Chemical Free Lime – ASTM C114-05 Section 21
  • Chemical – Miscellaneous Analyses (Cement/Cementitious, Lime)
  • Chemical – Chloride Content (AS1012.20, ASTM C1218,B80-5xCl)
  • Chemical – Chloride Content - Canadian Method
  • Chemical – Sulfate Content (AS1012.20)
  • Chemical – methylene Blue Absortion (ISSA No145)
  • Chemical – Soluble Salts in Sand (RTA T264)
  • Chemical – Sugar in Aggregates
  • Chemical – Light Particles (AS1141.31)
  • Chemical – Material Finer 2µm (AS1141.13 and RTA T270)
  • Chemical – Shell Content of sand)
  • Chemical – Total Silica in Aggregates/Sand
  • Chemical – Acid Soluble Salts in Burnt Clays & Bricks
  • Chemical – Sulphate Ion Content BS 1377 1990 Part3
  • Chemical – Hydrometer particle size Dist. - AS1289.3.6.3
  • Chemical – pH Value of Soil - AS1289.4.3.1 - RTA T123
  • Chemical – Quant.Determin.of Sulphates - RTA T1011, RTA T219
  • Chemical – Available Lime (AS4489.6.1)
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