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Bricks, Pavers, Rooftiles
Boral Materials Technical Services also offers testing services for bricks, pavers and rooftiles, including tests such as:
    Core Percentage and Material Thickness

    Lime Pitting
    Compressive Strength of Bricks
    Breaking Load of Bricks
    Water Absorption (24 hours)
    Saturation Co-efficient (5 hours)
    Initial Rate of Absorption
    Moisture Content and Dry Density
    Coefficient of Contraction
    Coefficient of Expansion
    Resistance to Salt Attack (Max. 40 cycles)
    Freeze/Thaw Resistance
    Impact Abrasion Resistance of Pavers- using Tumbler Abrasion Machine
    Slip Resistance/Wet Surfaces (Pendulum), including different type of floor tiles.
    Slip Resistance/Dry Surfaces (Tortus), including different type of floor tiles
    Roof Tiles
    Roof Tiles Dimensions
    Distortion of Roof Tiles
    Batten Lugs and Squareness of Roof Tiles
    Transverse Strength of Roof Tiles
    Water Absorption (24 hours)
    Boiling & Saturation Coefficient (5 hours)
    Other Tests
    Resistance to Salt Attack (bricks, pavers, rooftiles)
    Accelerated UV Weathering (bricks, pavers, rooftiles)
    Colour Measurement
    Acid Soluble Salts in Burnt Clay and Shale Building Bricks