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About Us
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World Class Research and Development Facility
The Boral Materials Technical Services Facility operates as a consultancy, undertaking troubleshooting for various divisions and for external customers.
These include: Jamaica - concrete trial mixes for construction of an aluminium smelter. Singapore - assessment of steel fibre performance in concrete. Dubai - special testing to assess the quality of the concrete used in the highest building in the world.

Our Capabilities
Boral Materials Technical Services Facility is uniquely qualified to provide:
  • Standard testing services for construction materials
  • Customised testing services for large scale testing or material assessment projects
  • Consultancy services or technical advice on the compliance, performance and durability of construction materials, modifications to existing building materials, field investigations and assessment services, technical troubleshooting
  • Forensic engineering applications and expert technical advice on litigations and material compliance, performance and durability, material diagnostic or related issues
  • Preparation of material specifications and assessment of tender documents
  • Environmental site assessment and monitoring
  • Conceptual mix designs and feasibility or reliability studies.
Boral Materials Technical Services Facility provides a wide range of technical services, including standard testing, quality control, product assessment, product development and consultancy for:
  • Construction and road-making materials
    Quarry products
    • Aggregates, rocks, dimension stone
    • Soils/pavement materials (road bases, sub-bases)
    Cement-based construction products
    • Concrete
    • Cement, cementitious materials (fly ash, slag, silica fume), mortars & grouts, admixtures, curing compounds
  • Building materials: bricks, pavers/masonry units, rooftiles
  • Environmental monitoring and assessment