Boral Polished Concrete & Decorative Concrete Range

Decorative Concrete

Are you building or renovating the ultimate Aussie dream home?

Boral has the building materials to complement the very best in cutting edge Australian architectural design.

Concrete is no longer a basic construction material. Specialised architectural concrete is now a form of decorative enhancement, a creative essential in commercial and residential building design. Decorative concrete has become an integral part of building plans – whether commercial or private. The colors and textures of decorative concrete are now often the centerpiece or focal point of a floor plan.

So if you are thinking about making changes to enhance any part of your home – indoors, outdoors, walls, floors, patios, decks or more, now is a great time to consider Boral Decorative Concrete.
It truly is creativity in concrete, limited only by your imagination.



Find out more about Boralstone® polished concrete floors for practical, low maintenance interior and outdoor flooring.



See the full range of Boral Colori® coloured concrete can be customised in a variety of textures, lines, patterns and shapes.



For more information on Boral Exposé® exposed aggregate concrete highlights the natural elements of the stone and is ideal for outdoor areas, landscape paving and driveways.



Boral Luminesque® concrete innovative and unique (glow in the dark) concrete uses a patented concrete aggregate to radiate natural light in the dark - perfect for paving around the swimming pool, spa or patio.


Step 1: Select the look and style you require with the help of a decorative concrete consultant at your nearest Boral Concrete showroom.

Step 2: Select from over 40 colours available in the decorative concrete range.

Step 3: (optional) For a really distinctive effect, choose from a wide range of surface additions such as glass, shell, timber or metal lettering. If the surface is to be honed, select the aggregate you wish to see in the finished product. In-floor heating is also available.

Step 4: Select the sealer and level of gloss required depending on the project and the slip resistance i.e. inside or outside/wet or dry area.

Step 5: Contact us if you have any enquiries or would like to place an order.


Polished Concrete

Smooth flat finish used for internal areas, revealing the decorative aggregates in either a full depth, medium or partial exposure. Polished concrete can be sealed, similar to timber floor boards or highly polished like stone or terrazzo.

Burnished Concrete

Smooth flat finish used for internal areas where there is no exposure of aggregates; fines in the concrete may be exposed resulting in a lightly speckled appearance.

Honed Concrete

Recommended for external areas allowing the flow through of your polished concrete internally to honed concrete externally. Honed concrete is ground to a course cut diamond allowing for slip resistance requirements for external elements. Honed concrete brings to life driveways; patio area’s & pool surrounds.


Broom, Coving Trowel, Sponge and Inprints

Innovative and economical methods to create various textures, lines, patterns, shapes and other effects in the concrete surface.

Sand Blasting

Removing the top layer of concrete to create a rough, sandy look or expose stones in sections and patterns. Please note the Colori range does not include decorative aggregates.

Saw Cuts and Grooves

Tiled effects, lines and shapes created using a saw or hand tool.

Surface Seeding

Created by adding small amounts of stones, pebbles, rock salts etc into the surface by hand before the concrete sets. Rock salt dissolves when washed to create indents.


Light Exposure

Taking 1-2mm off the surface after placing reveals less stone- great for footpaths or outdoor areas.

Heavy Exposure

Taking 3-5mm off the surface after placing reveals more stone for a course surface - great for driveways or areas requiring more grip. Please note that over exposure may cause stones to separate from the surface.