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Boral's bright, durable range of Colori® coloured concrete reflects all the colours of nature.

What is coloured concrete?

Coloured concrete is a very popular decorative concrete. Boral Colori® coloured concrete provides an outdoor paving alternative for commercial concrete paving & landscaping, concrete driveways, swimming pool surrounds, garden paths and outdoor entertaining areas. Colourset™ technology, exclusive to Boral, means our coloured concrete contains a colour enhancer to provide brighter, more durable colours.

See the Boral Colori® coloured concrete photo gallery for Colori® used in commercial & residential concrete flooring & exterior paving.

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How is concrete coloured?

Concrete can be coloured with the addition of a pigment (Boral coloured cement oxides) into the concrete mix and/or sprinkled on top of concrete and/or by using special coloured aggregates, while patterns are achieved with inlaid timber strips, joints, tiles or abrasive blasted and scabbled finishes forming borders around individual areas.

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Where can coloured concrete be used?

Coloured concrete can be used with decorative concrete surface applications Boralstone® polished concrete floor finishes for a customised flooring design, Exposé® exposed aggregate concrete and Luminesque® 'glow in the dark' concrete for driveways and exterior paving.

>Boralstone® polished concrete floors
>Boral Exposé® exposed aggregate concrete
>Boral Luminesque® 'glow in the dark' concrete

Boral Colori® coloured concrete Colori® coloured concrete driveway coloured concrete landscape