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Boral Luminesque® illuminating decorative concrete

Now you can have the natural beauty of stone with the strength and natural glow of luminescent concrete.

Luminesque® is a new concrete aggregate application (patent pending) producing a bright natural glow in the dark, illuminating polished concrete floors, pool surrounds, garden pathways, outdoor areas and driveways. It is available in a range of ‘glowing’ colours. The addition of brilliant luminescent aggregate technology radiates natural light in the dark for hours after daylight sun exposure.

Luminesque® can be seeded in-situ, applied as exposed or polished concrete and is best suited to areas where it can absorb light energy during the day for a radiant glow at night. Speak to one of our concrete specialists for information on how you can individualise your Boral Exposé® or Boralstone® projects with Luminesque®.

Luminesque® concrete can reduce the need for artificial light and with a long life-span, will light the way for many years to come. To add extra dimension & individualise your project, select any of the colours from our Boral Colori® range and use with your Luminesque® product.

See Boral Luminesque® illuminating concrete used outdoors in residential (driveways) & commercial paving.

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