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NEW! Blue Circle® HS Concrete NEW! Blue Circle® HS Concrete

Blue Circle® HS Concrete 50MPa* is a high strength concrete mix suitable for both the professional and home handy person. Read on for more features...

backyard fish pond DIY Cement Project Guides - How To!

Tackle a DIY landscaping project with our helpful tutorials! Make a delightful fishpond for your backyard garden, build a brick BBQ or lay a concrete path.

Mortar colours Mortar Matters

Mortar joint and colour can considerably alter the appearance of your bricks. Colour can be changed by adding tints or different coloured sand.

Dry Mix Ready Reckoner Dry Mix Ready Reckoner

View Boral Cement's easy to use Dry Mix Ready Reckoner mix design and calculation chart

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Coloured Oxides Colouring concrete & rendering

Add iron oxides colour pigments to colour concrete, mortar and cement rendering/bagging - tips on pigment concentration, tinting strength of colour and achieving correct colour shade.

Cemstik® Cemstik®

Cemstik® bonding agent and cement admixture is used in cement mortars, renders and concretes to improve bonding.

Cemcryl® Cemcryl® acrylic bonding agent

Cemcryl® is a water based acrylic emulsion copolymer designed as a bonding agent / admixture for cement based mortars and renders.

X-Lime X-Lime improves workability

X-Lime is a lime substitute designed to provide improved workability and water retention characteristics for mortars used for bricklaying and blocklaying.

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We have a comprehensive range of cements, drymixes, construction grouts and repair products, coloured oxides, DIY handyman products, lime and specialised sands.