Sustainable Building Solutions

Residential - News & Releases

sustainable energy Sustainability starts at home

Boral is creating better, more sustainable homes using quality building materials made with the environment in mind. Timber flooring, concrete driveways, plasterboard walls – Build with Boral & look good longer.

wind power Sustainable on all fronts

An energy-wise home will use the best combination of sustainable building considerations from site orientation, insulation and recycled materials to reduce energy usage & GHG emissions.

Commercial - News & Releases

water conservation Return, Recycle, Rebuild

Boral knows sustainable buildings don't cost the Earth. That’s why as building industry leaders we use waste & recycling initiatives in the manufacture of bricks, blocks, pavers & concrete for commercial construction.

water saving initiatives Boral ensures 'Every Drop Counts'

Sydney Water and Boral are working to actively reduce the amount of water entering the environment & conserve our water supply with initiatives to save water, money and the environment.

Infrastructure - News & Releases

recycling Energy Efficiency & GHG Reduction

What’s important to Boral? Energy conservation, alternative fuels and greenhouse gas reduction in the manufacture & transport of cement, concrete & asphalt - building roads, bridges, tunnels and rail.

recycling bricks Recycled Bricks Program

Boral Midland Brick won the 2007 (finalist in 2006) WA Department of Environment and Conservation Environment Awards for its brick and paver recycling initiative.