Sustainable Living Solutions

Sustainable Living Solutions
Boral Silkwood Engineered Timber Flooring
• Boral Timber products have full Chain of Custody certification aligned with the Australian
   Forestry Standard (AFS). The Chain of Custody certification verifies that Boral Timber
   products are produced from certified, legal and sustainable resources.
• Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.
• Available in nine stunning Australian species.
• Two popular one strip wide boards: 133 x 15mm and 175 x 18mm, up to 2.4m long.
• The multi-layered cross ply construction provides floor stability.
• Precision-milled, square edge boards provide a flat join and smooth surface.
• The tongue and groove profile provides a tight board-to-board fit.
• Prefinished with six layers of mid gloss UV cured acrylic scratch resistant coating,
   no sanding or polishing required.
• Can be installed over any level, structurally sound subfloor such as a concrete slab,
   plywood, existing tiles or timber flooring.
• Walk on within hours of installation.
• Can be re-sanded, just like traditional timber floors.
• Boral RV4 acoustic underlay provides excellent sound proofing for multi-level units.
Boral Concrete Masonry Bricks and Blocks
• Boral FireLight™ bricks contain 75% by-product (ash from power generation) and 5%
   recycled concrete
• very low embodied energy (Boral has reduced energy needed to cure concrete blocks by    95%)
• may be used for cavity wall construction or reverse block veneer providing thermal mass
   inside the house
• may be crushed and recycled - comprise as much as 20% of the coarse aggregate used in
• raw materials usually sourced within 100km of the plant
Boral Envirocrete
• uses recycled materials including crushed concrete and recycled aggregate product
• high thermal mass for energy efficient homes
• suitable for use in slab preparation and driveways
• diverts waste concrete from landfill and conserves precious virgin material
• mixed with water provides a fast and strong setting product
• available throughout metropolitan Melbourne
Boral Envirocrete Concrete
• variety of uses including foundations, paving, house slabs and higher strength applications
• uses recycled materials including aggregates and cementitious waste (reclaimed concrete,
   flyash, slag)
• high thermal mass important for energy efficient homes (In winter, thermal mass of concrete
   slab stores heat releasing it in the evening. In summer, thermal mass absorbs heat from the
   room due to large heat storage capacity)*
• contributes to material element of EnviroDevelopment sustainability rating system
   (UDIA)** and
• up to three (3) green star credit points in the Green Star sustainability rating system (Green
   Building Council of Australia)***
* (source: Think Brick Australia, 'Energy Efficiency and the Environment, The Case for Clay
   Bricks 2006')
Boral Terracotta Roof Tiles
• made from 100% natural clay and shale
• low embodied energy content
• thermal performance is enhanced by tile density which averages out temperature swings    from day to night for reduced artificial heating and cooling
• tile density also reduces external noise and enhances durability in windy conditions
• reusable and recyclable
• production plant utilises water harvested on site
• all manufacturing tile waste on site is recycled or reused
• salt safe for long-term durability (50 year guarantee) for extreme climate conditions and    marine environments
• low maintenance
Boral Clay Bricks
• excellent thermal properties for temperature control - ideal when designing a comfortable
   “liveable” house with a minimum of heating and cooling - save on heating and cooling costs
• cavity brick walls slow the swing in temperature from day to night (they delay flow of heat
   through a wall by 8 to 10 hours) to stay cool in summer and warm in winter*
• energy efficient
• superior noise insulation for a more comfortable and relaxed living environment
• low embodied energy (amount of energy required in manufacturing process)
• reusable and recyclable
• low maintenance
• excellent durability with an unsurpassed life cycle
     *(source: Think Brick Australia, 'Energy Efficiency and the Environment, The Case for Clay        Bricks 2006')