Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions - Construction

Sustainable Living Solutions
Boral Asphalt Open Graded Asphalt (OGA)
• industry and community accepted surface treatment used on major metropolitan facilities
  (Eastlink) for its noise attenuating properties
• low traffic noise - surface reduces average noise levels by up to 3dB(A) compared to
  Dense Graded Asphalt and up to 5dB(A) compared with Spray Seals
• wearing course provides increased safety for motorists in wet weather - porous asphalt mix
  formulated to provide large voids (in excess of 20%) to allow surface water (and spray
  during rain) to drain away.
Boral Slagment (NSW/VIC)
• general purpose blended cement
• versatile alternative for General Purpose Portland Cement - compressive strength of
  Slagment at 28 days of age is similar or higher than GP Cement and significantly higher
  at later age
• manufactured from specially selected granulated iron blast furnace slag (by-product of
  steel manufacture), Portland Cement clinker and gypsum
• may be used in concrete, mortar, render or grout in general and major construction projects
• available as packaged product - Builders Cement.
Blue Circle® Slagment Product Selector
Boral Recycled Road Bases (NSW)
• aggregates used in concrete, asphalt and as a filler medium
• produced from recycled materials including crushed concrete and recycled
  aggregate products
• diverts waste from landfill and conserves precious virgin material
• applications include; concrete asphalt/sealing materials, drainage materials, backfill rail ballast,
  Mattress and Gabion rock:
   Recycled DGB 20          Recycled Road Gravel
   Recycled DGS 40          Recycled Road Base.
   Recycled Sub-base
Specialty Blends
• Recycled Pipe Bedding
• Recycled Concrete Fines
• Recycled Masonry Fines
• 40/70 Brick for boggy construction sites.
• 20/10mm recycled brick aggregate
• 20mm recycled masonry aggregate
• 10mm recycled masonry aggregate.
Boral Masonry Keystone™& Keysteel™ Engineered Retaining Wall Systems
• Keystone™ concrete blocks used with plastic geosynthetic soil-reinforcement for back filling
  bridge abutments and commercial roadways
• design flexibility for curves, corners, stepped, vertical and unique geometries
• high durability retaining walls with 100 year design life
• Keysteel™ system integrates Keysteel™ blocks with galvanised steel-ladder
  soil-reinforcement for high heavy loads (in excess of 6m).
Boral Asphalt LoNoise™
• thin asphalt wearing course designed to reduce noise pollution on heavily trafficked roads in
  urban and suburban areas (4-6dBa noise reduction)
• comprised of gap graded aggregate, filler, rubber granules and a bituminous binder (modified
  binders are normally used for pavements exposed to heavy traffic to ensure the necessary
  durability and resistance to rutting)
• produced from granulated used (recycled) tyres
• originated in France - available since 1994 - awarded the French Ministry of Environment
  Golden Decibel prize' in 1998 (under the name of Colsoft).
Boral Envirocrete (VIC)
• uses recycled materials including crushed concrete and recycled aggregate product
• diverts waste concrete from landfill and conserves precious virgin material
• high quality end use product with extremely low deleterious content and low PI
  (Plasticity Index)
• available throughout metropolitan Melbourne
• versatile range of easily compacted, workable products suitable for use in roadworks and
  bridgeworks as road base, sub-base, lower sub-base, backfill, site access tracks, site
  consolidation and remediation including:
   Envirocrete 20mm Class 2*
   Envirocrete 20mm Class 3*
   Envirocrete 20mm Class 4
   Envirocrete 40mm Commercial Class 3 (mix crushed concrete and crushed brick)
   20mm Enviroblend (mix crushed concrete and recycled asphalt)
   Brick Rubble (crushed brick product available in 40mm and 80mm, also 7mm ideal for under
    slab preparation and decorative landscaping).
*Also available in wet mix and cement treated.
Boral Fly Ash (Pozz-O-Lan)
• Fly Ash is a pozzolan - fine powder by-product of coal combustion for energy generation
• durable, high quality products - green alternative to natural resources
• provides a greater degree of workability when added to a concrete mix
• combined with Shrinkage Limited Cement produces a refined mix capable of achieving
  required shrinkage tolerances and strengths for bridge structures (e.g. Lawrence
  Hargrave Drive)
• added to cement can produce 100 year life for concrete arch lining of tunnels (e.g. Eastlink)
• can be combined with other materials to produce high quality and economical results for:
   pre-mixed concrete
   stabilised road bases
   roller compacted concrete pavements
   concrete sub-bases
   conventional concrete pavements
   roller constructed concrete dams
   concrete products.
Fly Ash Product Selector
Boral Ash Envir-O-Agg®
• coarse by-product of coal fired Power Stations, 100% recycled
• may replace virgin materials in many applications
• can add specific and measurable 'light-weighting' benefits in a variety of construction and
  engineering applications including retaining walls, general fill, pipe bedding, retaining walls,
  sub-grade, void, mine and swamp fill (mine rehabilitation), precast concrete, premixed
  concrete, masonry and the horticulture industry
• significantly lighter than traditional materials - provides savings in cartage to site
• exhibits outstanding permeability and bridging qualities
• cost effective, versatile material
• requires less compactive effort than traditional materials resulting in a saving in both the size
  and amount of equipment required and the duration the equipment needs to be utilised
• Boral Ash collect and classify Envir-O-Agg® material into a range of products including:
   Envir-O-Agg® Sand              Envir-O-Agg® Filter Material
   Envir-O-Agg® Easy Flow      Envir-O-Agg® 20 -7 Aggregate
   Envir-O-Agg® Road Fill          Envir-O-Agg® Drainage Material.
Envir-O-Agg® Product Selector