Sustainable Building Solutions - Commercial

Sustainable Commercial Solutions
Boral Plasterboard EchoSTOP®
• perforated sound absorbing plasterboard
• three different patterns available
• reduces noise reverberation
• high acoustic absorption: NRC 0.55 – 0.65
• manufacture incorporates recycled paper as 5% of product weight
• standard core plasterboard can be recycled into new plasterboard products or soil   conditioner (used to treat problems such as transient salinity)
• Green Star Environmental Rating Scheme points may be allocated for the Internal Noise Levels   and Volatile Organic Content categories.
• potential for product take-back for recycling during construction, fit-out or at end of life (Green   Star Waste Management category).
Boral Masonry - Concrete Bricks & Blocks
• Boral FireLight™ bricks contain 75% waste product (ash from power generation) and 5%   recycled concrete
• NSW dense weight common grey masonry blocks replaced by light weight blocks – contain   50% of recycled product from Power Stations
• very low embodied energy compared to clay and AAC. Curing system captures heat from the   chemical reaction of curing concrete and tops up with steam as required. Boral has reduced   energy needed to cure concrete blocks by 95%
• 90% of water used is recycled stormwater
• wetlands provides recycling and stormwater at Prospect plant and bore water is used at   Somersby plant
• concrete masonry bricks and blocks may be used for cavity wall construction or reverse   block veneer providing thermal mass inside buildings
• at the end of their life cycle, concrete masonry bricks and blocks may be crushed and   recycled – up to 20% of coarse aggregate can be recycled in units.
• structural life in excess of 50 years. Some products used on RTA specified work – design life   of 120 years
• concrete masonry units require little maintenance other than
  normal care
Boral Escura® Smooth Face Bricks
• excellent thermal properties for temperature control
• energy efficient
• superior noise insulation for a more comfortable and relaxed environment
• low embodied energy (amount of energy required in manufacturing process)
• reusable and recyclable
• low maintenance
• excellent durability with an unsurpassed life cycle*
• clean, sharp edges and smooth face
• ceramic look with superior colour consistency
• refined contemporary architectural style
*(source: Think Brick Australia, 'Energy Efficiency and the Environment,
The Case for Clay Bricks 2006')
Boral Plywood Evolution Range
• ideal for building exteriors, flooring, hallways, waiting areas, car parks, staff rooms and rest   areas, building entrances, foyers, high impact wall linings, structural wall bracing and premium   reusable hoarding
• produced from 100% renewable and sustainable plantation timber
• environmentally friendly manufacturing process - 100% use of resource – waste sold as   landscaping materials (bark and log cores) and energy for factory boilers (sawdust)
• low embodied energy (amount of energy required in manufacturing process)
• “A” grade marine bond
• low thermal mass – heats up and cools down quickly – buildings utilising plywood require less   heating and cooling to sustain an optimum internal environment
• high uniform strength and low shrinkage – engineered surfaces maintain durability and   longevity without sacrificing style or flexibility
• cost effective and versatile in shape, design and finish
• lightweight and impact resistant - reflects noise, acts as bracing and cladding
• lowest toxicity for engineered panels – Formaldehyde Class E0
Boralstone™ Polished Concrete
• formed into any shape and polished to a smooth surface, coarse cut or hammered
• wide range of vivid or neutral colours and stone combinations
• hand placement of special or recycled aggregates, glass, crystal and marble, insertion brass   lettering or cast copper logo
• may incorporate cement replacement materials
• high thermal mass for energy efficient buildings
• affordable floor finish particularly when laid as part of structural slab
• equivalent in cost per metre to timber and tiling and less than terrazzo
Boral "Envirocrete" Concrete (20, 40, 60)
• a concrete mix that replaces virgin materials with recycled and waste materials in   a range from 20% to 60% including aggregates and cementitious waste (reclaimed concrete,   fly ash, slag) produced using 40% alternative fuels
• variety of uses including foundations, paving, slabs and higher strength applications
• better than 60% replacement of natural materials with recycled materials may be achieved in   certain locations
• high thermal mass for energy efficient buildings
• contributes to material element of EnviroDevelopment sustainability rating system (UDIA)**
• up to three (3) green star credit points in the Green Star sustainability rating system (Green   Building Council of Australia)***
• features in Council House 2, ten-storey office building in Melbourne, awarded 6 Green Stars   for world leadership in office building design

The Green Star rating system separately evaluates the environmental design and performance of Australian buildings based on a number of criteria, including energy and water efficiency, quality of indoor environments and resource conservation.
Boral Plasterboard EurekaWall™
• separating wall system for apartment buildings
• 'Healthy' building material contributes to enhanced indoor air quality
• made from 93% natural non-toxic gypsum, 5% recycled waste paper liner, 2% other (i.e.   starch)
• liner is 100% recycled paper
• lightweight - easily handled and quickly constructed – single dry trade
• non load-bearing walls can be easily removed or relocated for changes in building occupancy
• easily repaired and maintained
• narrow footprint (smaller footings minimise disturbance to subsoil and environmental impact on   site)
• Fire-rating FRL 1.5 hours
• acoustic rating up to Rw+Ctr=56dB
• used with Boral Plasterboard adhesives and compounds can achieve Green Star   Environmental Rating Scheme points in the Volatile Organic Content and Internal Noise Levels
• can be recycled into new plasterboard products or soil conditioner (used to treat problems   such as transient salinity)
• potential for product take-back for recycling during construction, fit-out or at end of life (Green   Star Waste Management category)
Boral Silkwood Engineered Hardwood Flooring
• Boral Timber products have full Chain of Custody certification aligned with the Australian
   Forestry Standard (AFS). The Chain of Custody certification verifies that Boral Timber
   products are produced from certified, legal and sustainable resources.
• Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.
• Available in nine stunning Australian species.
• Two popular one strip wide boards: 133 x 15mm and 175 x 18mm, up to 2.4m long.
• The multi-layered cross ply construction provides floor stability.
• Precision-milled, square edge boards provide a flat join and smooth surface.
• The tongue and groove profile provides a tight board-to-board fit.
• Prefinished with six layers of mid gloss UV cured acrylic scratch resistant coating,
   no sanding or polishing required.
• Can be installed over any level, structurally sound subfloor such as a concrete slab,
   plywood, existing tiles or timber flooring.
• Walk on within hours of installation.
• Can be re-sanded, just like traditional timber floors.
• Boral RV4 acoustic underlay provides excellent sound proofing for multi-level units.
Boral Plywood Everform™ Formply
• manufactured from 100% environmentally sustainable Hoop Pine Plantation timber
• latest polymer overlay technology - coated both sides for panel stability
• superior quality off-form finish
• maximum durability and re-use
• lowest cost per pour of all formply products on the market (based on 100 Class 3 pours)
• “A” grade marine bond
• stress grade F27