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‘Sustainability’ is more than the latest industry buzz word, it is part of an enduring global agenda addressing issues such as climate change.

As a responsible corporation and one of the largest building products suppliers in Australia, Boral shares an obligation to endorse and employ sustainable business practices and operating methods. Boral is achieving industry and community recognition for our efforts across the country.
Return, Recycle, Rebuild
A Boral company, Midland Brick won the 2007 (finalist in 2006) WA Department of Environment and Conservation Environment Awards for its brick and paver recycling initiative. All waste product from Midland Brick’s clay brick manufacturing and masonry sites is recycled – crushed and reused in the production of utility bricks.

Since mid-2005 approximately 85,000 tonnes of waste has been recycled, reducing the amount of material going to landfill and the volume of new clay required for manufacturing. In addition, Midland Brick has launched a new program sourcing waste bricks from building sites, demolition companies and the general public for recycling. The initiative is providing promising results – increasing the amount of bricks and pavers returned to Midland Brick for recycling and demonstrating Boral’s commitment to understanding its ’life cycle’.

Midland Brick is also a participant in the Federal Government’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program designed to encourage large businesses to improve their energy efficiency. The company has identified more than 50 energy saving opportunities with the potential to save the equivalent energy use of 5,000 households and reduce energy costs of the kilns by up to 20%.
Sustainable Building – it doesn’t cost the Earth
Building products that are sustainable in manufacture, properties or application need not be more expensive. Some of Boral’s most cost efficient solutions come in the form of sustainable hire and contracting services.

De Martin & Gasparini, the market leader in commercial concrete placement for over 60 years, plays a pivotal role in sustainable development, bringing a large number of Boral products and practices direct to site. DMG prides itself on the environmentally sustainable work practices it has developed. Water, energy, waste and recycling efficiencies form part of their everyday concrete placement process, with “Green Concrete” an increasingly common ingredient. DMG's fleet of concrete pumps are all equipped with the latest technology, including the use of environmentally friendly lubricants (biodegradable synthetic oils) and maintenance products. Site specific Environmental and Safety Plans are developed for all DMG's projects.
Council House 2 in Melbourne, Australia's first Green Star rated building to be awarded 6 Stars.

Building for a More Sustainable Future:
Council House 2 (CH2) and Green Square

Builder Hansen Yuncken selected Boral “Green Concrete” (an ecological concrete mix that replaces virgin materials with recycled and waste materials in a range from 20% to 60%) for the world-class environmental building design of Council House 2 in Melbourne.

Australia’s first Green Star rated building to be awarded 6 Stars which carries “international leadership” status, the 10-storey office building was developed by The City of Melbourne with collaborative design by Advanced Environmental Concepts, architects DesignInc, engineers Bonacci Group, Lincolne Scott, builders Hansen-Yuncken, consultants RMIT Centre for Design and government authorities CSIRO and Sustainable Energy of Victoria.
CH2 cost $29.9 million for the base building with an additional $11.3 million invested in sustainability features expected to deliver a 10 year payback¹.

Council House 2 accommodates 540 council staff and measures 12,536m2 gross floor area including ground-floor retail spaces and underground car parking. It represents a new international standard in ecologically sustainable design, built using materials that are more environmentally conscious that also perform to the toughest standards. Boral "Green Concrete” – a premixed concrete produced using various proportions of by-products and recycled materials including aggregates and cementitious waste (reclaimed concrete, fly ash, slag) and 40% alternative fuels and recycled water – was used for the concrete shell and pre-fabricated concrete wave panels featured in the ceilings on each floor (approx. 6,000m3 concrete total).

Completed in early 2006, Council House 2 was awarded a “world leading” 6 Star rating by the Green Building Council of Australia for environmental performance of commercial properties (office building design). Boral “Green Concrete” was acknowledged as an exceptionally environmentally sound building material and credited as a contributor towards the 6 Star Green Star Rating.

Green Square South Tower, a 5 Star Green Star Rated office design.
Boral “Green Concrete” can achieve up to 40% cement replacement in the design of the mix (and up to 60% in some locations) contributing up to two points in the Material section of the Green Star rating system.¹ As the major concrete supplier to the $180 million Leighton Properties Green Square development in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Boral supervised the production and delivery of Boral “Green Concrete” to the project. The first Green Star certified project in QLD, the Green Square development incorporates five buildings over two hectares with Green Square South Tower achieving a 5 Star Green Star Rating in office design (Australian Excellence).¹

One of the largest mixed use Corporate Office Parks developed in Brisbane over the past 15 years, Green Square is significant for its environmental innovation – promoting environmental best practice in both construction and utilization
of the entiredevelopment with the use of Boral “Green Concrete” highlighting the developer’s commitment to environmentally sustainable development (ESD) and setting an example for similar ‘green’ commercial building developments in the future.

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'Super clean green machine' & 'A concrete reputation' in QLD Special Feature: Green Square, Australian National Construction Review Issue 4/07.

Green Square South Tower - Photograph courtesy of Leighton Contractors.