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Boral bricks have combined with PGH bricks. View the range here

Boral Bricks Perth Bricks & Pavers Perth, WA

Celebrating 70 Years, Midland Brick still has the best range of bricks & pavers in Perth. Order online or call 13 15 40 today.

Midland Brick in Western Australia

For 70 years Midland Brick has been helping Western Australians build their dream homes. In fact the majority of West Australian's, born after the 2nd World War, would have grown up in a house built with Midland bricks or pavers.

Today, Midland Brick is recognised for the innovation it brings to the housing industry, together with exceptional quality and range - one of the largest in Australia. And it's not just bricks and pavers. Our products now extend to retaining walls, terracotta roof tiles and architectural style stone-wall cladding.

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PGH Bricks and Pavers

In May 2015, Boral and CSR’s east coast bricks businesses merged and on November 1st 2016, CSR purchased the remaining Boral Bricks share of the company. PGH Bricks & Pavers is now wholly owned by CSR, completely combining the 2 brick operations under one company. View the full range at or call 13 15 79.