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Terracotta Shingle Brand Story
  The Challenge
Terracotta Shingle™ Roof Tiles were specified in the residential development ‘Magenta Shores’ on the central coast of NSW. Developer Mirvac sought an alternative to metal roofing for over 350 homes that would satisfy contemporary design elements and function at a low pitch in extreme marine conditions. HPA Project Architect, Alan Hession says “Now that the first stage of 50 houses and 80 villas at our Magenta Shores Resort is nearing completion, we are very pleased that we selected Boral’s new Terracotta shingle tile product.From the range of products available to us, we were very confident, when we selected the tiles some months ago, that the roofs of our buildings would be attractive.The deep colour “Eclipse” was selected from the colour range (we may choose to vary this predominant first stage colour in future stages). At a pitch of 20 degrees and with long rafter lengths, the roofs are quite dominant in the overall architectural composition.”

Terracotta Shingles are ‘Exposure Grade’ and ideal for building in coastal areas. All Terracotta Shingle™ roof tiles have a matt finish and may be used at a 15 degree pitch - the only Terracotta Shingle™ designed for use at a roof pitch of 15º (Australian Standard 2050). This flat profile provides greater design flexibility demanded by contemporary rooflines, particularly suitable for flatter roof designs and where height restrictions apply. With the new Terracotta Shingle™ Roof Tiles, Boral has transformed one of nature’s most basic elements into a roofing product that offers superior cover to homes. Boral Terracotta Shingle™ roof tiles feature the highest quality natural clays and glazes and an advanced weather-proofing design for maximum water run off and superior performance in all climatic conditions. Terracotta Shingle™ Roof Tiles are the result of leading-edge kiln technology – all terracotta tiles manufactured by Boral are kiln fired over 1100º celsius to withstand extreme climate conditions and harsh marine environments –Terracotta Shingle Roof Tiles will retain their natural beauty and colour and provide long-lasting protection to the home - backed by a 50 YEAR guarantee.  

Rich and warm in appearance, the natural beauty of Terracotta (meaning ‘baked earth’) ensures homes will always be in perfect harmony with their surroundings. The elegant flat line of Boral Terracotta Shingle™ quality tiles makes them the perfect complement to a wide range of architectural styles, building materials and home environments – from classic to contemporary, country estate to coastal retreat. According to Alan Hession “The thin, simple flat shape of the terracotta tile complements the various roof forms of the differing architectural designs with clean un-complicated lines.To the barge ends and parapets, concealed gutters and flashings, together with the flat tile shape, were employed to give a neat, crisp appearance.”
The Terracotta Shingle™ collection is available in a range of carefully selected colours with each colour reflecting the roof tiles’ natural earthy composition.

Terracotta Shingle™ ‘covers’ all
Terracotta Shingle™ Roof Tiles were perfect for Mirvac’s design requirements, with the design team and project managers impressed by Boral Roofing’s on-site demonstration of the new terracotta shingle’s advanced weather proofing capabilities. In addition to meeting design requirements, Boral Roofing Terracotta Shingle™ also provides Mirvac with a cost-effective solution over the long-term. A sound investment, the product’s natural longevity and ageless appearance will ensure low-maintenance, superior cover to these homes for a very long time.