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Midland Brand Story
  Midland Brick™ has been recognised by the Department of Environment and Conservation as a finalist in the 2006 WA Environment Awards for their brick and paver recycling initiative.  
  All imperfect and waste product from Midland Brick’s Middle Swan clay brick manufacturing site, and Cannington and
Jandakot masonry sites is recycled. The waste product is crushed and added back into the clay mix (in varying optimal
percentages) and is used in the production of utility bricks without affecting the strength or technical specifications of
the finished product.

  In 2005/06, approximately 85,000 tonnes of waste product was recycled at Midland Brick, significantly reducing the amount of material going to landfill and the volume of new clay resources required in manufacturing.

This recycling initiative also saves consumers and builders’ money in tip fees, with the public encouraged to return waste bricks and pavers (including plastic strapping from brick and paver packs) to Midland Brick’s Middle Swan, Cannington, Jandakot, Osborne Park and Joondalup sites for recycling. Significantly, brick waste returned through this program i ‘clean’ – it does not have any timber, paper, plastic, metal or other foreign materials in it that could cause problems with machinery as it is crushed and processed.

Internal research conducted by Midland Brick last year found there was capacity to accept more brick and paver waste, so the company developed a test program to collect building site waste with Pindan Construction. This collaboration has had very promising results to date and has seen the program expanded to include partnerships with demolition companies. This has increased the amount of bricks and pavers returned for recycling – suggesting a promising future for the program and the environment.

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