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Focus on Safety – Boral Asphalt (SA) Focus on Safety – Boral Asphalt (SA)

Our South Australian asphalt team has worked for more than 500 consecutive days without any reported lost time injuries or medically treated incidents.

Focus on Safety - Boral Asphalt Focus on Safety - Boral Asphalt (WA)

As this iconic Gateway to Perth project nears completion, we recognise the achievement of Boral Asphalt – recording over 144,500 hours Lost Time Injury Free.

Asphalt AAPA  2015 National Awards Asphalt AAPA National Awards 2015

Our Boral Asphalt (QLD) team have been recognised with National Awards at the Bi-annual Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA).

Mount Gambier Airport Upgrade Project Video

Watch how Boral Asphalt meet very short project time frames and accommodate tight airport specifications in this video that incorporates time-lapse.

WarmPave Asphalt Paving the way towards a more sustainable future

Boral is an industry leader in the manufacture and application of construction materials and is committed to providing sustainable asphalt solutions.

Durapave Durapave high performance paving

Take durability to new limits with Boral Durapave, our high durability performance asphalt. Suitable for a wide range of conditions, freeways & roads.

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Case Study: Peninsula Link VicRoads Peninsula Link VIC Case Study

Boral Asphalt, Quarries & Concrete complete Peninsula Link freeway in Melbourne's South East. Approx. 300,000 tonnes pavement laid in 4 mths. Read more.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Asphalt resurfacing Sydney Harbour Bridge Resurfacing

Boral Asphalt resurface and waterproof 80 year old Sydney Harbour Bridge for first time since construction. See the bridge stripped back in this short video.

Sustainable Building Solutions Energy Efficiency & GHG Reduction

What's important to Boral? Energy conservation, alternative fuels, greenhouse gas reduction in manufacture & transport of cement, concrete & asphalt for infrastructure.

Materials Technical Services Materials Technical Services

Boral provides technical service and advice for asphalt performance compliance and durability of construction materials, field investigation and assessment services.

About Boral Asphalt

A leader in asphalt paving, pavement construction and maintenance; national supplier of asphalt products and materials for surfacing and maintenance of road networks with high standard of engineering expertise; road technology, product durability, quality and technical service.

Construction Industry Trade Asphalt Selection

Boral Materials Technical Services provides advice for asphalt and paving materials, performance, compliance and durability, modifications to existing building materials, field investigation and assessment services.

Road Construction Design Professionals Asphalt Products

Boral Asphalt Maintenance Services - skilled and experienced in delivering asphalt road maintenance services to councils, contractors, asset owners and managers. Supply a number of asphalt paving products, various Surface Treatments and Spray Seals.