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Envir-O-Agg® Roadfill Envir-O-Agg® Roadfill

Lightweight, compactable, cost effective general fill. Extremely versatile material, it can benefit a variety of construction and engineering applications.

Sustainable Infrastructural Solutions Energy Efficiency & GHG Reduction

What's important to Boral? Energy conservation, alternative fuels, greenhouse gas reduction in manufacture & transport of cement, concrete & asphalt for infrastructure.

Envir-O-Agg™ Envir-O-Agg™ graded ash products

A cost effective, versatile material that exhibits outstanding permeability and bridging qualities and can add specific "lightweighting" benefits in construction and engineering applications.

Holcombe Hill Realignment Holcombe Hill Realignment

Envir-O-Agg Road Fill used to provide a material for use as the embankment fill on the Holcombe Hill Re-alignment.

Low Cost Easyflow Pipe Fill Low Cost Easyflow Pipe Fill

Boral Ash Easyflow mix was used to fill disused pipes throughout Armidale to stop any collapse and potential damage to any Council Assets within the proximity.

About Boral Ash

Boral Ash collect and grade coal combustion by-products to provide the building construction and manufacturing industries with durable, high quality products for use as a green alternative to natural resources.