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Changing Perceptions - Queensland's strategy towards sustainable development

For Boral, the concept of sustainable development is explained, and endorsed, as the fourth corporate objective, which is to "achieve superior returns in a sustainable way".

Boral embraces the principle of sustainable development, being development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We believe this principle is fundamental to Boral's continued success and growth...

Boral Construction Materials QLD has developed the Changing Perceptions strategy to direct sustainable development of the business.

The strategy consists of:

  • ACM QLD Regional Environmenal Plan (REP); supported by
  • Changing Perceptions newsletters.

Boral's ACM Qld/NT Strategic Sustainability Objectives


  • Compliance and Management: ensure all sites are managed and maintained in accordance with statutory environmental and planning requirements
  • Stakeholder Perception: enhance local community relationships by proactively managing environmental impacts and improving operational image. Build mutually beneficial relationships with the local community and other interested community members, groups and organisations. This objective also aims to improve relationships with other external bodies including political, regulators and customers.
  • Land Management: manage vegetation on all sites to statutory requirements ensuring land and resources are not sterilised. Ensure extractive industry sites are rehabilitated to industry best practice
  • Resource Efficiency: improve efficiency through implementation and promotion of sustainable work practices. The objective targets the key areas of water, energy (incl. Greenhouse Gases emissions) and waste & recycling.

Boral's Changing Perceptions strategy initially met some resistance from individuals and business systems. However, through continued management commitment and individual determination, environmental best practice and sustainability now has groundswell support and is progressively being ingrained into work practices and business systems.

The RSP objectives direct sustainable development of the Boral Construction Materials Division QLD/NT.

Changing Perceptions newsletter

The Changing Perceptions newsletter is an internal and external communications tool articulating: progress on objectives, state-wide and local environmental and planning issues, and our successes towards sustainable development.

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Environmental Performance

The Narangba Quarry is proud of its compliance record and is operated and managed under industry best practice. The processing plant is equipped with dust suppression equipment to achieve reduced levels of dust emissions from the site. Other initiatives such as a full time water truck are also employed onsite to facilitate dust management (see image top-right).

Vehicles leaving the site are tarped to reduce impacts on roads and the local community (see image top-right).

A stormwater management plan is current for the site and provides for treatment of stormwater prior to release, ensuring no contaminants are released from the site. The majority of water captured within the quarry is reused on site for dust suppression and operational related works. Work is also being done to manage issues such as weeds and cattle agistment.

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