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Community Liaison Groups

Boral recognises the importance of stakeholder engagement to sustainable development of the business. At key quarry sites a significant commitment has been made to effectively engage with stakeholders using the Boral "community liaison group model".

Stakeholders with an immediate interest in the quarry and or over neighbouring land were invited to form the community liaison group. Typically members include: neighbours, local government officers, Environmental Protection Agency officers, community representatives, Councillors and Boral representatives.

The objectives of community liaison groups are to:

  • facilitate open communication - creates a forum for discussion and exchange of information on topics related to the Boral quarry and our neighbours;
  • create a forum to raise issues - acts as a "structured" communication link between Boral, the community and other stakeholders;
  • provide an opportunity to influence operations - assists in identifying and addressing local issues and concerns relating to the Boral quarry and our neighbours;
  • provide an effective vehicle to communicate important information regarding Boral quarry operations; and
  • identify opportunities to partner with Boral on community projects - builds relationships between Boral, the community and stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Narangba Community Liaison Group

The Narangba Community Liaison Group is one of the veterans of Boral's community liaison groups established in 2002. Quarterly meetings are held at the quarry and off site at the Caboolture Regional Environmental Education Centre (CREEC). Liaison group members have developed valuable relationships. The group has successfully addressed concerns and issues relating to the quarry operation including installation of speed radar signs, operational issues (eg. dust management, operational hours) and road maintenance.

>Narangba Community Liaison Group meeting minutes

Key Initiatives and Major achievements:

Key initiatives and major achievements of the Narangba Community Liaison Group include:

  • On road placement of signage 'Reduce Exhaust Brake Noise' sponsored by Boral
  • Placement of permanent road counters on Raynbird Road to monitor vehicle speed and numbers
  • Additional speed signs on Raynbird Road sponsored by Boral to make drivers aware of the speed limit
  • Placement of a mobile speed notification trailer which measures and displays the approaching vehicles speed
  • Blasting notification sign to notify residents of upcoming blasts
  • Implementation of procedure by Boral for dealing with driver behaviour
  • Improved relationships and communication between the quarry and local residents
  • Identification of local community projects where Boral may assist or provide support.

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Narangba Community Liaison Group

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